Friday, 30 November 2012

Jon Huntsman: Barriers to Entry

When people are down, it is enjoyable to kick them.

Jon Huntsman criticized his fellow 2012 presidential aspirants when he stated that “the barriers of entry to this game are pretty damn low.” This sentiment can probably be extended further than to just the Republican presidential candidates.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Huntsman said:

"Some do it professionally. Some were entertainers. I looked down the debate stage, and half of them were probably on Fox contracts at one point in their career. You do that. You write some books. You go out and you sell some more. You get a radio gig or a TV gig out of it or something. And it's like, you say to yourself, the barriers of entry to this game are pretty damn low."

Among Huntsman’s finer points:

“Huntsman described the Republican primary process as corrosive, producing pledge-signing, cookie-cutter candidates more interested in money and publicity than policy.

But he also had some constructive advice for the Republicans. You can read about it here. 

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