Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Weekly Rundown

Was away for the past few days. Working on some articles about gun control, fiscal policy and the relationship between recessions and entrepreneurship.

Here are some neat things I found this week:

CFA Institute's magazine features a story called The Biological Investor highlighting the growing research about the role neurobiology plays in all aspects of our lives. In particular the authors apply growing neurological understanding to behavioral aspects affecting investment choices. Was the recession attributable to biological whimsy?

Biopsychology/evolutionary psychology/neuroscience are going to increasingly provide insight into all aspects of our lives.

David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute has published some interesting articles applying the knowledge gleaned from neuroscience to productivity studies and leadership. Here's one example from the HRB blog entitled Three Ways to Think Deeply at Work.

Based on these articles I started looking into neuroplasticity and its implications for personal and professional improvements. Here are some good articles from the Refocuser and the HBR blog concerning what neuroplasticity means for habit formation. 

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